E Cigarettes Are A Path To Wellness

Smoking tobacco products causes a number of awful diseases and will cut years off of your life. While the debate rages on about the safety of e cigarettes and shortfill e-liquid, (or actually, who is going to make the most money off of them), people are still sucking on the end of cigarettes that unquestionably kill.

Ask Your Doctor

Even with unknown variables still lingering, any doctor will tell you that ecigs are not nearly as dangerous as tobacco. This is because big tobacco companies add tons of garbage to the product to keep you hooked. They don’t care if it makes the product even more deadly, they just want your money.

Breathing Better

Quitting tobacco smoking will result in near instantaneous improvements in your life. You won’t get short-winded so quickly, and you won’t start hacking every time you take a deep breath. The tiny cilia in your lungs will be able to operate again, because they aren’t so stifled by tar. This will lead to stronger and better breathing in a matter of one day or less.

Smoking tobacco is pretty stupid, even in consideration of how addictive it is. Because people know it leads to cancer and chemo, COPD and early death and more, they should be kicking and screaming trying to quit! Find your path to wellness with e cigarettes, before smoking tobacco catches up with you.